Editor: Jesse B. Jupiter, MD

Associate Editors: Diego L. Fernandez, Prof Dr med; and David C. Ring, MD, PhD

Publisher: Thieme – 538 pages Book Review by: Nano Khilnani

This book of well-organized materials provides you the trauma surgeon, fellow, or medical resident in orthopedic surgery a comprehensive framework of information, guidance, and support on elbow and forearm fractures, including :

  • Fracture patterns
  • Indications of diseases or disorders
  • Surgical exposures
  • Contemporary implants
  • Postoperative management of elbow and forearm fractures

This work is based on case studies, and in it you will find not only knowledge acquired by the surgeons from years of practical experience, but also insight they gained from their successes and failures. All this has been put together in this single, large book of over 500 pages to help you improve your outcomes.

If you are seeking rapid access to the knowledge needed for you to make the right decision on a given problem, begin by looking into this book. Hopefully it will help you take the correct course of action.

Twenty-two specialists in orthopedic surgery, general surgery, hand surgery, sports medicine, orthopedic traumatology, and upper extremity surgery, from around the United States and eight other countries – Australia, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, and Venezuela – authored the chapters of this book . We list its four chapters below to provide an overview of the book:

  1. Surgical Approaches – General Principles
  2. Humerus, Distal
  3. Radius and Ulna, Proximal
  4. Radius and Ulna, Shaft

Dr. Jesse Jupiter is also the editor of AO Manual of Fracture Management – Hand and Wrist. Dr. Marvin Tile, writes in his Foreword that the contents of this book follow a logical progression, as outlined in the Introduction, wherein he deals in a systematic way, with:

  • Problems of that anatomic area
  • The anatomy, classification, and surgical techniques, including:
  • Positioning
  • Approaches

In the pages that follow after the Introduction, each specialist among a talented group of upper extremity surgeons who have contributed to this book, writes on a specific and different fracture type.

Dr. Tile further writes about the editor Jesse Jupiter: “His strict editorial discipline is evident, and has resulted in a book that is easy to read and follow, and still allows the case authors to add their own touch. The cases are short and concise, and walk the reader through indications, equipment, and operative treatment including positioning, reduction techniques, and fixation methods.

Browsing through the contents in each of the four long chapters of this book, we see a clear pattern of organization in each chapter. For example, in chapter 2, Humerus, Distal we find that there are 34 distinct topics that are outlined, with a corresponding page number for each topic. So you can go to the beginning of each chapter, look for the topic you are seeking information on, and proceed to that page to view and read it. This saves you a lot of time.

At the end of each chapter you will find boxes with the headings Pitfalls and Pearls presented side by side on orange and yellow backgrounds. Illustrations and images of different kinds abound in the chapters, aiding you in your learning process. There are charts, fine line drawings, photos (black-and-white, twocolor, and fourcolor vivid ones), sketches, tables, and x-rays. These visual features also have captions so you can understand what is being shown.

This book is effortless to browse through, easy to read, not difficult to understand, and very valuable to own and keep. The editors and the authors have done a marvelous and superb job.

Editor: Jesse B. Jupiter, MD is Director of Orthopedic Hand Services at Massachusetts General Hospital; and Hansjorg Wyss/AO Professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Associate Editors: Diego L. Fernandez, Prof Dr med is Orthopadische Chirugie FMH at Lindenhofspital in Bern, Switzerland.

David C. Ring, MD, PhD is Assistant Professor, Medical Director and Director of Research in Hand and Upper Extremity Service at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.