Author: Anne M. Evans
Publisher: West River Publishing – 251 pages
Book Review by: Laxmi Chaandi

We learn from this insightful and inspiring story – by Anne M. Evans about how her daughter Sarah got cured of her autism – that having an open mind (a sop for new knowledge) is critical to finding solutions to seemingly incurable disorders.

A friend of mine developed ulcerative colitis (UC) with severe abdominal pain several years ago. She had repeated loose bowel movements, lost about half her weight, checked into a New Jersey hospital, and after undergoing a colonoscopy, was fed intravenously because she could not digest any regular food. Several x-rays were taken of different parts of her gastrointestinal (GI) tract and she was put on half a dozen different pills to be taken on a daily basis.

After spending two weeks in the hospital, she was still not cured. The doctors wanted to do more x-rays and were about to decide if the drastic step of a colostomy would be the next course of action. Fortunately, they postponed that surgical decision.

She gave up all hope until a friend gave her a medicine that she hurriedly obtained from India. In just a couple days after taking it, her pain started to subside and almost miraculously, her bowel movements became regular. The doctors decided to take a look again inside her GI tract with a second colonoscopy, but when they did, they were shocked to find that her UC was in remission.

They could not believe she was cured. When they told her what they saw, she matter-of-factly showed them the medication from India that she took two days ago that led to the cure of her UC, and added that this was just like several people she knew had been cured through it. This cure happened because she and her family believed there was nothing to lose by trying something else, which worked.

Is there a definitive cure for autism spectrum disorders (ASD)? No, not really, at least not in Western medicine. According to a Wikipedia article entitled Autism Therapies, “there is scant reliable research about the effectiveness or safety of drug treatments for adolescents and adults with ASD. A person with ASD may respond atypically to medications, the medications can have adverse effects, and no known medication relieves autism’s core symptoms of social and communication impairments.”

To go on a virtual journey that her family took towards Sarah’s cure from autism, I suggest you  read the full book. An overview of that four-part journey is provided for you below.

  • Sarah’s Story
    • A Rude Awakening
    • Daddy’s Little Girl
    • Feeling Like a Yoyo
    • My Worst Nightmare
    • Shopping Around
    • Heaven Sent
    • Making the Decision to Use Energy Medicine
  • The Journey Begins
    • The Tools We Use at Home
    • Food Elimination
    • Nutritional Supplements
  • The Cure
    • A Brief Explanation or Energy Medicine (as I experienced it)
    • Body Out of Balance
    • The Tickle Doctor
    • The Basic Treatments
    • The Vaccine Link
    • Customizing the Program
    • Unwelcome Guests
    • Returning to the Custom Program
    • Rebuilding the Central Nervous System
    • Food, Supplements, and Concentration
    • Chinese Emotions
    • The Coil
    • Unlocking Sarah’s Organs
    • Home schooling and Epsom Salts
    • More Unwanted Visitors
    • Improving Concentration and Memory
    • Putting the Foods Back
  • The Follow-Up   
    • The Follow-Up
  • Appendices: A. Sarah’s Total Recovery Protocol; B. Medical Test Results; C. Psychological Tests – Before and After; D. Sarah’s Treatment List; E. How to Fund a NAET or an FCT R

To get straight to learning how Sarah was cured autism, I suggest you begin with Overview of the Technique in the Foreword by Dr. Ross J. Stark. He writes: “This book describes the diagnosis, treatment and resolution of autism. I have the profound privilege of setting a number of people on the spectrum free to a normal life. I have worked countless hours to perfect protocols in the use of a very important healing method called the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).”

This technique was developed by the Indian physician Devi Nambudripad, and it has been in use for about twenty-five years.  Dr. Nambudripad’s method uses acupuncture and acupressure, nutritional therapies, and concepts from traditional Chinese medicine that have been used for over three millennia.

Next, I urge you to go to Part III – The Cure – and completely and carefully read chapter 11 entitled A Brief Explanation of Integrated Chinese Medicine, or Energy Medicine (as I experienced it). In it, the author Anne M. Evans gives you details on how Sarah was cured from autism.

This is a fascinating story and a very enlightening book. It gives hope to family members and relatives of people with autism.



Anne M. Evans received her undergraduate degree in microbiology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1986 and her graduate degree in biomedical communications from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas in 1989. She was publications and marketing manager for two biotech firms.

She was married to Norman Evans, an electrical engineer, in 1993 and gave birth to Sarah in 1995. Her publications include Cryofixation, Cryolabeling, and Cryotransfer, and Immunogold Labeling.  She collaborated on Pediatric Handbook for the University of Texas Systems Medical Schools.