Author: Tom Hopkins

Publisher: Smarter Comics. 50 pages

Book Review by Ramu Nakliba

This is a classic book by someone who is probably the best-known person in the field of selling: Tom Hopkins

This is actually a comic book!  It is with drawings and spoken words, making it an easy read. And an easy way to learn some of the most important lessons on how to sell.

Illustrated by Bob Byrne, this compact 50-page comic book imparts the essential attitudes and techniques to be mastered by the salesperson. It shows you at the outset that you need the relevant knowledge, a strong drive and the necessary skills in order to succeed in sales.

It tells you the advantage of the profession of sales over other types of work. Among them are the freedom of expression; the opportunity of making a larger amount of money because much of your compensation is typically from commissions on sales; the daily challenges (if you like challenges) so that your work is never boring; the freedom to set your working hours; no overbearing boss, so you can work the way you want as long as you produce the expected amount of sales at any stage of your career; satisfaction from having helped someone who benefits from your product or service.

The book also shows you clearly that Tom Hopkins’ way of selling is based on a system, and if you follow it, you will have better sales outcomes than if you were to simply “wing it.” Based on the book, his system of sales has the following important parts:

Prospecting – There is a professional way to do it, and you can do it with ease.

Making Original Contact – Refine your skills when making contacts by “becoming  memorable” to them. Also, remember as much about them as possible.

Qualification – You must learn to qualify and disqualify people as to who are your potential customers. Who are your genuine prospects? Who are just your “suspects”?

Presentation – Present your product or service so potential customer sees it as just what  he had in mind all along to satisfy his need or solve his problem.

Handling Objections – List all objections you have heard and your answers to them.

Closing the Sale – Closing is part art and part science. Both can be learned.

Referrals – When your clients are happy, they will refer other potential clients to you.