Editor: Georghe M. Constantinescu
Publisher: Thieme – 620 pages, with 280 plates including 1,308 illustrations
Book Review by: Nano Khilnani

This fourth (2018) edition of the book follows three others that were published in 1992, 2007, and 2012. It contains detailed anatomies of these domestic animals: cat, dog, goat, horse, ox, pig, and sheep.

The book has an immense amount of information: 6,545 Latin terms for structures. Numerous structures are shown in clear, fine line drawings throughout the 600+ pages of this extensive work. This is a definite keepsake for every veterinarian.

Here is a brief overview of the contents of this valuable book, in Latin terms:

  1. Osteologia
  2. Arthrologia
    1. Myologia
  3. Splanchnologia
  4. Angiologia
  5. Organa sensuum
    1. Integumentum Commune
    2. Partes Corporis (Parts of the Body)
  6. Termini Generales et Peculiare (General and Particular Terms)
  7. Eponyms for the Systema Nervosum Centrale


There are three ways to use this reference work when you are looking for specific terms:

  1. Refer to the body system at the top of each page
  2. Refer to the Index at the back of the book
  3. Consult the relevant illustrations

The contents in this book are laid out in a very simple manner. On the left-side pages you will find the titles of each chapter shown above, followed by a list of terms below. On the respective right-side page contains the detailed illustrations with captions. The regions of the anatomy are in bold letters, and the parts of that region are written in un-bolded text.

There is a substantial Glossary section after the chapters, followed by a large Index section.

All in all, this is a very useful reference work for those studying to enter the field of be veterinary medicine, as well as for established, practicing veterinarians.


Georghe M. Constantinescu, DVM, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Anatomy in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine in the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.