Editor: Eugene G. McNally, FRCR, FRCPI
: Elsevier Saunders – 440 pages
Book Review by
: Nano Khilnani

This highly useful book incorporates almost all of the recent advances in ultrasound technology, including the new generation of digital equipment, and transducers, color and power Doppler.  These have refined for you the clinician, “the ability to visualize superficial soft tissue structures to an extent that in some areas rivals the diagnostic capability of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),” writes Dr. McNally in his Preface.

This latest edition will  enable you to interpret the images more easily, as part of your effort to diagnose and manage the condition of your patient. With it you have a guide to clinically useful ultrasound techniques and their major applications.

This book offers essential guidance on :

  • How to conduct and ultrasound examination
  • How to best obtain optimal images
  • How to interpret the information gained
  • What does and doesn’t work
  • What is or isn’t useful
  • The role of ultrasound in relation to other imaging techniques

The first edition of this book had only 16 chapters. This second edition has been expanded, and has been totally re-structured, revised and re-written. Its contents are presented in 33 chapters organized around 10 Parts, namely:

  1. Shoulder
  2. Elbow
  3. Wrist
  4. Finger
  5. Hip
  6. Knee
  7. Ankle
  8. Intervention
  9. General
  10. Trauma

The organization of materials in the chapters follows a predictable a pattern contributing to your ease of use. You will find a Chapter Outline  at the start, which includes an Introduction, as well as topics and subtopics of discussion.

Images are provided throughout the chapters which are full-color sketches, actual photographs, scans, or other visuals, with useful captions. You will find learning aids such as Key Point or Practice Tip. To gather more information on related topics, a Further Reading list is provided.  Your purchase of this book entitles you to use a wealth of resources online. To get access to them, here’s what you do:

  1. Login or sign up at www.ExpertConsult.com
  2. Scratch off your PIN code found on the inside front cover of this book
  3. Enter your PIN into the Redeem Book Code box
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The online contents of this text are accessible with your PC, Mac, most mobile devices, and eReaders. ExpertConsult allows you to browse, search and interact with this title – online and offline.

These are the innovative features available to you online:

  • Seamless, real-time integration between devices
  • Straightforward navigation and search
  • Notes and highlights sharing with other users through social media
  • Enhanced images with annotations, labels, and hot spots for zooming on specific details*
  • Live streaming video and animations*
  • Self-assessment tools such as questions embedded within the text and multiple-format quizzes. *Some features vary by title

Some of the distinct benefits of using this book are:

  • Apply all of the latest knowledge in musculoskeletal ultrasound with expanded coverage of the ankle, elbow, foot, hand, hip, knee, shoulder, and wrist, and their interventional techniques.
  • Make the most definite interpretations and diagnoses with help from hundreds of new line drawings and scans, as well as the addition of real-time videos online to complement each image.
  • Reference differential diagnosis tables to quickly deduce the most likely clinical problem being assessed.
  • Access the complete text and all of the images and video clips online at www.expertconsult.com

Eugene G, McNally, FRCR, FRCPI
is Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist in the Nuffield Orthopedic Centre and John Radcliffe Hospital, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

Hifz-ur-Rahman Aniq, MBBS, FRCR
Robert Campbell, MBChB, DMRD, FRCR
Michel Court-Payen, MD, PhD
Andrew J. Grainger, MRCP, FRCR
Catherine L. McCarthy, MBChB, FRCR
Eugene G. McNally, FRCR, FRCPI
Philip J. O’Connor, MRCP, FRCR
Simon J. Ostere, FRCP, FRCR
Karen J. Partington, MRCS, FRCR
Philip Robinson, MRCP, FRCR
Emma L. Rowbotham BSc Hons, MB BChir, FRCR
James L. The, BSc, FRCP, FRCR