Author: Grant Cardone
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press – 258 pages
Book Review by: Paiso Jamakar 

Grant Cardone has written four other books on selling besides this one. They are: Sell to Survive; The Closer’s Survival Guide; If You’re Not First, You’re Last; and The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure. He is also the host of the business-coaching show Turnaround King.    

He has created a sales process entitled Information-Assisted Selling, which helps individuals and organizations adapt to today’s buyer who is exposed a huge amount of information from mass media, a barrage of sales pitches from competitors, and economic uncertainly in today’s recession.  

He works with Fortune 500 firms to customize their sales processes and increase sales volume, and therefore enhance their sales experience. He also provides sales training, sales motivation, and sales solutions.  

Through 22 chapters in this highly practical and useful book, Grant Cardone addresses many of the problems frequently faced by sales people. Some of them are: 

  1. Filling your pipeline with new business
  2. Handle rejection
  3. Overcoming call reluctance
  4. Selling in a bad economy
  5. Shorten sales cycles
  6. Staying positive despite rejection
  7. Turn around negative situations

Cardone makes us think from the very beginning. Selling is not just a profession for some people. When you consider all the things people do in life, much of it involves interaction with others. And in those interactions, one person is expressing his or her point of view. And most often, that makes the listener change is or her thinking about the other person, the idea being expressed, a product or a service.

So whether or not money, a product or a service is involved, much of human interaction is, at its core, selling. Life is about selling, so we might as well learn to “sell” ourselves, our ideas, and our points of view. And if we’re successful at this task, we can be successful in selling products and services.

All through life, people are selling. When you are born and you cry or milk, what are you doing? When you grow and go to school, what are you trying to accomplish by studying hard, asking questions in class, writing reports and submitting them to your teacher, and exams. You are essentially selling yourself to your teacher to get high grades. And what do you do when you prepare for and go for a job interview? You’re essentially selling yourself.

So whether or not you are a salesperson or want to be one, this book is for you. If you want to be successful in any field, communicating effectively with at least one person is essential to your success. This book will be a great asset for you. 

Here are titles of some of the chapters you will find in this book, to help address some of the specific concerns or areas of weakness you might have:                       

  • The Most ImportantSale
  • The Price Myth
  • Your Buyer’s Money
  • You Are in the People Business
  • The Magic of Agreement
  • Establishing Trust
  • Give, Give, Give
  • The Perfect Sales Process
  • Success in Selling  
  • 28 Quick Tips to Conquer The Biggest Challenges in Selling

 If you want to successful in selling, get this book. If you wan to be successful in life, get this book. You just can’t lose with it.