Author: Dr. Chaim Y. Botwinick

Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group. 130 pages

Book Review by Ramu Nakliba

The essence and strength of this book is the “nine power principles” that Dr. Botwinick introduces to the reader and elaborates on them.

We have read numerous times that goal-setting is one of the most powerful tools a person has, to achieve their goals in life.

Oftentimes, people do not succeed in achieving their larger and longer-term goals because those goals are not founded upon with smaller, shorter-term goals. Try making a long jump if you have never successfully made shorter jumps.

Or if you are not physically fit, try running five miles without stopping if you have not recently run even a single mile without stopping, even at a slow pace.

He says” focusing your attention on mega- or big-picture goals is the first step in targeting your power goals. This process is followed by breaking down your mega or big-picture goals into more finite goals, with greater levels of specificity and focus.”

He elaborates on this by saying that your goals must be on TARGET, meaning: Timely, Attainable, Realistic, Guided, Enduring and Tangible.

To attain excellence, the author elaborates on the other eight power principles, which are briefly:

Refreshing your goals before starting on your journey;

Understanding your weaknesses;

Realizing the futility of being perfect because it is an enemy of excellence;

Focusing on seeking solutions to problems instead of their causes;

Thinking of your successful outcome before it happens;

Expecting and anticipating life’s “curveballs.”

Knowing there will be obstacles: road blocks, speed bumps and stop signs;

Getting help and do not doing everything by yourself.

So looking at these nine “power principles” which ones do you lack or in which area are you week? Read the book and find out for yourself, so you can create success in your life

This is a very insightful book written by an accomplished educator.