6 Amazing Roles Digital Marketing Plays In Scaling Your Business

By Brandon Seigel

July 1, 2019 – Digital marketing is a powerful sales medium that every serious marketer who must meet sales targets, or a business that hopes to survive in today’s tech-driven world, should consider. Digital marketing is one of the best tools businesses have available in their tool chest to stay ahead of the extreme competition for market share and capturing customers’ attention.

This marketing medium leverages the power of the Internet to reach target audiences and to implement your intentions, which are usually to make sales. Digital marketing comes in many forms, such as online display and pop-up ads, instant messaging with visitors to your site, or simply telling your story through blogs, websites or YouTube videos.

It’s direct opposite approach is traditional marketing, which employs a mechanical, manual approach to sales and awareness creation — think printed mailers, or advertising through traditional media channels. Both digital and traditional marketing can be effective tools if utilized well. Still, for most applications, digital marketing is, by a wide margin, the best way to promote a product or campaign and make sales.

While relying predominantly on traditional marketing may be working well for you, chances are that your business hasn’t reached its full marketing potential. With hordes of people spending much of their time online for everything from news to shopping to entertainment, digital marketing offers huge benefits.

These are the top six ways that digital marketing can scale your business:

Expands your reach

Reach means how widespread your business can go with marketing. With powerful tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, blogs, forums, websites and more, getting useful leads and potential customers has never been easier.

Think about a social networking site like Facebook. This platform has vital marketing tools such as groups, pages and paid ads. These can be used to meet potential clients for your business. Say that you sell artwork. You can search out art groups on Facebook and join such groups or create your own. This applies to other business niches as well.

Some Facebook groups have thousands — and even millions — of members. With every sales post you place, the members can see it and know what your business offers. Imagine having to do it the traditional way. How many people will you be able to reach?

Accelerates message delivery

With digital marketing tools like social networking platforms or communication tools like Twitter and Instagram, information can be exchanged in seconds. Traditional marketing doesn’t match up in this regard. Potential customers are able to receive messages or view ads instantaneously, and they can take action by visiting your website to read about products and services.

Better yet, prospects can share your website with one click of their social media share button. Your single message can be easily forwarded, helping to generate still more prospects.

Lowers costs

With the birth of digital marketing, advertising now involves less cost and more results. On Facebook, for example, you have the choice of free or paid ads, both of which are effective. If you prefer the paid version, you can launch an effective ad campaign for much less than with traditional marketing.

You can promote your business on blogs, social media platforms, other websites, groups and forums, all for relatively less expensive prices. Facebook, for instance, has a $5 ad option.

The beauty of these digital marketing platforms is that they can help you target prospective clients with laser-like focus, unlike traditional ad campaigns.

Receives feedbacks through reviews

Feedback is critical to every business. It helps you evaluate how well you are doing. If your business is digital, it will be easier for you to monitor trends and impact. Particular tools are offered online to help with this. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other sites have special features that allow you to monitor customer visits, reactions and online activities; receive customer feedback; and make necessary adjustments.

Also in digital marketing, a business has more control over what people see. For example, you can delete negative reviews and leave only the positive ones. Positive reviews are great ways to leverage your marketing.

Extends durability

Digital marketing components, once created, don’t have to be reproduced. They can be reused as many times as the company would like. An online ad can be adjusted when necessary, without having to re-launch a whole new ad campaign with new concept planning, design and production.

Similarly, a digital product can stay online for year with occasional adjustments made directly on the platform. An author of an E-book, for example, can make updates if needed, and when a customer requests a copy, the author can simply send a link.

Allows easier market analysis

Digital marketing gives you access to several useful web analytics tools, like Google Analytics, SemRush, Moz tools, Ubbersuggest and others. These can help you effectively monitor your online status, including the number of clicks on your ads or visitors to your website. They can provide comparisons with your competitors — and allow you to make necessary content or placement adjustments.


About Brandon Siegel

Brandon Seigel is an internationally-known business coach and president of Wellness Works Management Partners. He currently manages multiple private practices and consults with entrepreneurs and private practices throughout the world. A recognized leader in today’s private practice environment, he is a frequent keynote speaker and trainer for organizations, associations and universities.

His new book, The Private Practice Survival Guide: A Journey to Unlock Your Freedom to Success (Rebel Press, February 5, 2019) covers the essential how-to questions of opening a successful private practice. Learn more at www.wellnessworksmp.com or www.brandonseigel.com