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(First of 3 Articles)
By Kumar Balani

NEW TORK, NY – With this column and two more to follow, I shed light on the importance of having a purpose for your life. That is essential to achieving contentment and fulfillment, as well happiness.

This is a really tall order, but as with all my columns, it is based on my life experiences, my observations of the positive and negative milestones of people I know, readings of relevant books, and talks with innumerable successful and fulfilled people.

I’ve been a happy individual, and for over three decades, a happy family man. With two sons and a daughter having rewarding careers, very satisfied with what they do, I believe the education we provided plus the values they learned from us helped them build strong foundations for their financial success. ‘Well-rounded’ is the best phrase describe to them. Their good decisions and hard work are also key factors.

While I feel fulfilled and happy, going forward, I want to achieve greater fulfillment and increased happiness for myself and my family by serving millions of people. Having read books on the life purpose-happiness relationship, and conversed with happy friends and acquaintances on their secrets to happiness, my conclusion is this, written in bold letters:

Happiness comes with developing a large, powerful positive impact on people, personally and professionally. The larger that impact, the happier you will be. A great by-product of such impact is building wealth, with a growing passive income.

This present column essentially discusses the Why of a life purpose that brings people happiness.

The second column on Sunday, February 10 – A Life Purpose: Strategic Plan for Happiness is focused on the Who, What, When, and Where of happiness in life. It’ll provide you the collective wisdom of happy people as the basis for developing a life purpose to make you happy, if you’re not there, or become happier. if you’re on the happiness track but want much more of it.

The third column on Sunday, February 17- A Life Purpose: Toolbox for Building Happiness – will present to you tactical resources needed to have your life purpose bring in continued, unlimited happiness regardless of past setbacks, your current condition, and future events.

Happiness is an ineffable element in people’s lives but it is something that everyone wants, right? Try this: ask everyone you meet today (with a very serious facial expression): “Do you want happiness?” All will say “Of course!” Will anyone reply: “No thank you, I already have plenty of it.”

To help you understand the relationship between having a life purpose and happiness, let me begin by telling you of my own life. My purpose in life has been for many years, to improve the lives of others by providing information.

Hunting for, then sharing what I found has been my favorite activity since I wrote this essay in Grade 6 in elementary school at San Sebastian College in Manila. What Is Science and the Scientific Method

In high school and in college at UP, my goal was to become a millionaire Pulitzer Prize winner and investigative reporter for a large US metro daily, or own one such enterprise.

Today as a journalist and businessman having founded and being publisher of Biz India Online News: since 2002, my current larger purpose in life is to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people with the POWER of journalism. The italicized and bold words represent a significant enlargement of my life purpose.

About six months ago my life purpose not only broadened, it intensified. I’ve been learning more daily about building online traffic and raising our ranking. We’ve been adding new and useful content, learning to enhance content and placing links strategically.

The Biz India team is attracting new audience segments with various interests. Our strategic goal is to quite simply bring in massive traffic as well as to raise our ranking to around 100,000 or higher, among the hundreds of millions of websites. These initiatives are working, but speed is required.

If all this sounds like rebuilding an airplane that currently flies domestically with 250 passengers, into to a larger one that flies internationally and is able to accommodate 1,000 people, it is.        Is this doable? Maybe. If not, a new, more powerful aircraft to replace the existing one needs to be built. It can be done.

In the media business, this comparatively means growing our reach from say 200,000 people in the US and worldwide to 1,000,000 people, and later, to millions more who visit our online news and information site many times in any given day.

I ask you to provide contact information of people in online traffic building. Once we have millions visiting our online newspaper we can help a lot more people improve their lives, I also request you to write in the comments box below, what it is you’d like to read about on

Kumar (Kem) Balani has an AB Journalism degree from the University of the Philippines and an MA in Politics from New York University. He is founder and publisher of Biz India Online News since 2002. Go to to read book reviews, features, news, opinion columns, and videos on business, entertainment, investing, law, sports, technology, and more.


This column first appeared in the Daily Tribune in the Philippines on Sunday, Feb. 03, 2019. Read Kumar Balani’s columns in that newspaper: