Blue Co-Founder and CEO Anders Jacobson

Stockholm, May 16 2019 – Anders Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Sweden’s fast-growing impact-led investment company Blue was today named Sweden’s top Super Talent of 2019 by the leading Swedish business and finance weekly Veckans Affärer, which ranked him number one out of a total list of 101 finalists.

Jacobson, 33 years old, won the prestigious accolade for his success in building the investment company from scratch in just two years into a planetary force for good with wholly-owned subsidiaries such as clean-air-focused firm Blueair, water tech and solutions leader Bluewater and a growing international portfolio of companies within water, food and health, renewable energy and sustainable material innovation

Using Human Ingenuity to Leave a Lasting Sustainability Legacy

All the companies in the Blue portfolio – from Sweden’s alternative energy company Climeon to Chilean sustainable eyewear maker Karun as well as Baseload Capital, Save-by-Solar, Visiba Care, and Färsking– share a common commitment to use human ingenuity to return the planet to health.

“It’s an extraordinary honor and accomplishment to be named Sweden’s top business Super Talent of 2019 after 24-months of hard grist forging a unique portfolio of entrepreneurs and companies, all committed to leaving a lasting sustainability legacy for future generations within their own sectors,” Anders Jacobson said.

Giving Recognition to Movers and Shakers, Drivers of Societal Change

Veckans Affärer, a weekly Swedish business magazine with a substantial audience of decision-makers from the Swedish business world, awards its annual Super Talent accolades to young entrepreneurs, professionals, movers-and-shakers leading societal change, and financial prodigies.

Selected on criteria such as achievement, drive, personal brand and future potential by an independent jury, Jacobson said winning the award provided a firm proof point of what passion about driving transformation combined with stamina and hard work can achieve.

Jacobson, who entered the world of business with a degree in accounting and financial management, has previously worked for Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordic market, and Livingstone Partners, an international investment banking boutique.

Being Passionate About What You Believe In

He says he has always aimed high, but has learnt from his passionate interest in high-performance sports such as triathlons and cross-country skiing, that going for the stars demands something beyond the ordinary.

Jacobson admits he firmly associates with the oft-stated business aspiration of many of his millennial generation to prove themselves to be agents for positive change.

“Both enjoying sport and working as an investment banker has taught me there are no short cuts to success. At the end of the day, it’s all about successfully identifying and building a business concept around something you believe in, seizing opportunities, staying focused on your goals, and being totally passionate about what you do, which actually makes it easier to work hard,” said Jacobson.

And he concludes: “Being able to help forge a healthier future for the planet, and all of us living on it, is a pretty powerful incentive to be successful and also something magical.”


About Blue                                                                                                                                                                                

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Blue is an investment company that serves as a catalyst for innovations that can solve some of the major challenges facing our planet and all living on it. Blue’s mission is to find, engage with, invest in and support entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses driven by the desire to deliver tangible, sustainable solutions that can benefit human wellbeing and planetary health: