Author: John Tschohl
Publisher:  Best Sellers Publishing – 355 pages (published in 2019)
Book Review by: Sonu Chandiram

This is an extensive book on how customer service excellence can be attained, providing a broad discussion of the elements necessary to reach that pinnacle. This highly useful book is also unique for its being intensive, taking deep dives into how exactly each of these elements can be realized.  Below is a broad overview of the contents of this labor of love:

  1. Exceptional Service: The Secret Weapon: Make Money with Customer Service
  1. World Class Service Role Models: Modeling the Best
  1. In the Beginning Was…The Plan: Removing the Blindfold
  1. Let’s Get Organized: How to Get There from Here
  1. Let Me Introduce You to…Your Customer: Service Is What Your Customer Says It is
  1. Don’t Hire Employees Who Hate Customers: They Are Un-trainable
  1. Carrots Are Motivational for Employees: Break Your Stick
  1. Knowledge is Power-Profit Power: Tactics and Strategy in Quality Service
  1. Little Things Make a Big Difference: Culture and Consensus in Customer Service
  1. Turning Your Business Into a Shopping Service: Ban Banker’s Hours!
  1. My Customer, My Friend: How to Keep Your Friend
  1. Win By Losing: A Complaint Is an Opportunity: So, Solicit Complaints
  1. Customer Service Pros Are Made, Not Born: Train Front-Liners and Executives Alike


On the Amazon book seller site, this book, Achieving Excellence through Customer Service, has quite a high-ranking position. Today. May 18, 2020, that rank is 515,474. What is more impressive is that this book ranks extremely high – No. 568 – among books in the subject category of ‘Customer Relations’

So it is not surprising that this book is now its thirteenth edition. That gives this gives us an idea of how much in demand, and how popular this book is!