Editor: Camilla Rothe
: Elsevier Saunders – 296 pages
Book Review by
: Bina Odhar

This book presents a wide variety of cases in tropical medicine. They range from boils to

ulcers, and many other problems in between. The affected parts of the body range from the head to the toes, and many internal organs.

You will encounter patients in this book from all over the world. They were affected with a host of symptoms and conditions such as: abscess, abdominal pain, severe anemia, back pain, blurred vision, boil on the leg, breathlessness, coma, confusion, conjunctivitis, contracture of right wrist, corneal disorder, creeping eruption, chronic cough, cyanosis, cystic liver lesions, diabetes, diarrhea, difficulty passing urine, dyspnoea, severe edema, eosinophilia, fainting, fatigue, fever, flatulence,  and genital ulceration;

Also: haematemesis, severe headache, hemorrhage, hypochondrial pain, impaired consciousness, itchy eruptions on thighs, jaundice, nodular lesions in lungs,  lymphadenopathy, malabsorption, myalgia, dark nodule on toe, ocular tumor, acute flaccid paraplegia, parotitis, pericarditis, proptosis of left eye, rash, renal failure, scrotal swelling, seizure, sepsis, shock, shortness of breath, skin ulcer, snake bite, splenomegaly, subcutaneous nodules, swollen neck, unilateral ptosis,  and half-sided weakness.

Eighty authoritative sources from 22 countries in all continents (except Antarctica) – Australia, Belgium, Chile, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Japan, Laos, Kenya, Malawi, the Netherlands, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam, and Zambia – authored or contributed material to this book.

This book looks at 76 cases. It is divided into two sections. The first one consists of questions, and the second one presents the cases with discussions and answers.

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Some of the benefits you will derive in owning and using this book are:

  • Stay at the forefront of tropical medicine with in-depth coverage of the latest research, including tropical neurology and AIDS- and HIV-associated diseases and treatments
  • Study as efficiently as possible with help from a Q&A format and succinct summary boxes
  • Expand your knowledge concerning rare an neglected tropical diseases, as well as how diagnosis and treatment takes place in resource-poor settings
  • Gain a complete understanding of tropical diseases with this companion product to Manson’s Tropical Diseases, 23rd edition (ISBN:978-0-7020-5101-2). A reading list at the end of each case will directly refer to a corresponding chapter in Manson’s, further expediting study.

This is an excellent guide to the wide range of cases you will encounter in this medical specialty. It is illustrated with full-color photos of patients and problems in question, as well as other types of visuals such images through a microscope, x-rays, etc.

Camilla Rothe, MD, DTM&H
is Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Medicine, Division of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases, at the University of Hamburg School of Medicine in Hamburg, Germany.