Editors: Peter C. Neligan and Donald W. Buck II
Publisher: Elsevier Saunders – 438 pages

Book Review by: Nano Khilnani
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Eighty-two plastic surgeons and professors of plastic surgery contributed material to the 24 chapters of this edition, making it a very rich source of insight, knowledge, and practical wisdom in this growing field of endeavor. The surgeries discussed in this volume pertain to many parts of the human anatomy: face, head, breasts, chest, torso, upper and lower extremities, surgeries involving nerves and tendons, and other areas.

Among the topics this book covers are: abdominal wall reconstruction, abdominoplasty, autologous breast reconstruction using abdominal flaps, back reconstruction, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, chest reconstruction, cleft lip repair, cleft palate, essential anatomy of the upper extremity, examination of the upper extremity, extensor tendon injuries, facial injuries, facelift, flexor tendon injury and reconstruction, implant-based breast reconstruction, local flaps for facial coverage, lower extremity reconstruction, mastoplexy, nerve transfers, otoplasty, reduction mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, and tendon transfers in the upper extremity.

A systematic means of organizing and presenting textual and visual materials in each of the chapters is one of the best features of this outstanding book in plastic surgery techniques. To give you an example, let’s take a look at chapter 2 entitled Facelift.

Credits are given in the beginning for the sources and authors of the materials used in the chapter. A Brief Introduction follows, which provides bullet points on the highlights of the chapter, then a section entitled Preoperative Considerations. This is followed by a section called Operative Techniques, also with bullet points.

Under this section are provided various subtopics, all using the bullet point approach to learning. Referenced videos enable you to see the surgical techniques. The subtopics under Operative Techniques in this chapter are: Facelift Incisions (refer to Videos 2.1, 2.2), Midfacelift (blepharoplasty approach), SMAS plication (Video 2.4), MACS-lift (Video 2.5), Lateral SMAStectomy, Extended SMAS technique, SMAS with skin attached (Video 2.6), Subperiosteal midfacelift (Video 2.7).

After this section is another entitled Postoperative Considerations, then, Complications and Outcomes. At the end of the chapter, resources for acquiring more knowledge on the chapter topics can be found in the part entitled Further Reading.

Throughout the book, you will be able to see what is being discussed (in the text) with color photos of actual patients, and anatomical sketches. Notes and instructions on surgical techniques being used are written next to the visuals.

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In my view, this book is one of most comprehensive ones out there in the field of plastic surgery, providing you an immense amount of detailed information and instruction on the most current techniques in use today. Plus, you can keep abreast of new findings from research through the ClinicalKey resource mentioned above

Congratulations are in order to the editors of this book named below, as well as to the numerous contributors of material in making this a highly valuable book in plastic surgery.

Peter C. Neligan, MB, FRCS (I), FRCSC, FACS is a Professor of Surgery in the Department of Surgery (Plastic Surgery Division) at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.

Donald W. Buck II, MD is an Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri.