Author: John J. Tassone: A Practical Guide to Success for Everyone

Publisher: Cypress House. 163 pages

This is a compact work of inspiration and guidance for those who want to “make it” in life and perhaps, make it big. The book cover shows a little ant carrying an outsized leaf. This demonstrates a “can-do” attitude. Unfortunately most people do not dream big. So they do not reach high levels of success. The causes of not achieving big success are many but based on several books I have read on the subject of success, I believe it has to do with self-image, self-worth and a desire to help others.

John J. Tassone started making money early in life, doing jobs such as having a newspaper route, shining shoes and delivering meat. In his later years he went into teaching. He got into insurance sales and for much of his working life, he sold insurance, eventually setting up his own company in this field.

Early experiences shape a person’s later life, even to a point that the jobs they do or the activities they engage in have a greater influence than formal education or getting a degree in a particular field. I know some successful entrepreneurs who have become millionaires, even though they have degrees in engineering, law and even medicine.

Tassone’s definition of success is different from the images we typically conjure up in our minds when we think of success: a big house and a car, lots of money, gold diamonds, jewelry, etc. These material things may have been inherited or acquired through marriage or even just by winning the lottery.

His idea of a successful person is someone who is sought out for advice, guidance and assistance by others. It also has to do with good character and values such as honesty, integrity and a desire to help others.

I believe this book is based mainly on a wealth of experience that the author has had as a sales professional and business owner. He spells out and discusses his “ingredients of success” in a dozen chapters. Among them are to keep a positive attitude always, believing in yourself, having goals that keep you on track, and making an unwavering decision that you are going to “do it.”

And the type of thinking and actions that are going to help you is to dissociate yourself from people who tell you “it cannot be done,” building goodwill with people, the “arts” associated with sales achievement, and the why and how to go into business for yourself for a chance to make more money if you are limited to making a certain amount in your current job. However there are many cautions he points out on business ownership, an important one being keep your eye on expenses.

All in all, this is a well-written book based on what is most important: practical experience