By the editors and designers of Alpha books

Publisher: Alpha Books – 158 pages

Book Review by:  Paiso Jamakar

This is a brain-teaser book. A sharp mind and a sharp eye is what’s needed to score high in finding the differences in the two photos presented. The number of changes between one picture and the next ranges from as few as seven changes to as many as  12 changes. The levels of difficulty range from Easy to Medium to Difficult to Advanced.

Some 80 of the 100 puzzles puzzles are of this type – spotting the changes between one and another picture. There little boxes that you can check mark to keep tab of your progress.

Each picture puzzle presented to you in the book informs you how many changes to look for between the two pictures and how much time you have to find all the changes.

The other 20 puzzles are of the types described below.

A second type of puzzles involves finding the one picture that is different among all the nine pictures presented.

A third type of puzzle involves putting all the sections together in the right order to form a correct completed picture or mosaic.

The answers to all the picture puzzles are at the end of the book.

How sharp is your mind in spotting the changes in the 100 pictures presented in this book? See for yourself by getting this book.

This is a fun book for those who like brain teasers involving pictures.