Author: John Tschohl
Publisher:  Best Sellers Publishing – 219 pages
Book Review by: Sonu Chandiram

In the United States today, customers are empowered to receive good service from companies of various kinds with the powerful presence of social media.

An email you sent, or a phone call you made for example, to an airline decrying that you missed a connecting flight because of its delayed arrival at a connecting airport, causing you to miss an important business meeting, may not result in any financial compensation from an airline that you are seeking.

But imagine that that airline’s customer service fails to respond to you within the 30 days that you request. What can you do?

You can simply go on Facebook and post that request. Not providing you the compensation you ask, or even a response from that airline, could severely damage that airline’s reputation, and lose revenues (perhaps in the millions of dollars) as other customers also write about and post their negative experiences on that social platform.

This book unlike others by John Tchohl is written from the perspective of the customer, and company executives better take notice to prevent such negative experiences. How do they take such preventive action? By thoroughly and carefully reading the 22 chapters of this book itemized below, and taking the necessary actions and implementing the remedies that Tschohl prescribes herein:

  1. Service: How Bad Is It?
  2. Fighting Back Pays Off
  3. Should You Complain?
  4. We Don’t Complain Enough
  5. Complaining Protocol: Use Oil Instead of Vinegar
  6. Preparation: Just in Case
  7. The Working Document
  8. How to Complain Effectively: Strategies
  9. Effective Complaining: Business by Business
  10. Lights, Action, Complain! The First Rule
  11. Lights, Action, Complain! The Second Rule
  12. How to Write ‘The Letter’
  13. Letter Samples
  14. Complaining in Person
  15. Better Business Bureaus
  16. Local Media Action Lines
  17. Company Hot Lines
  18. ‘Sue the Bums’
  19. Get Help
  20. Your Own Consumer Group
  21. Get Tough: Guerilla Tactics
  22. Blame the Machines
  23. How to Get Royal Treatment Every Time Yu Buy
  24. What’s In It for Business