Author: Scott Ginsberg

Publisher: – 427 pages

Book Review by Paiso Jamakar

The basic message of this book is: become easily approachable to maximize the opportunities available to you to further your career or your business. And, to become a better person overall.

The book also helps you think about yourself and leverage your unique personal qualities to create your own brand. This helps people to easily identify you with something when they see you. For example, when people see this book’s author Scott Ginsberg, how do they react? “Oh, he is the nametag guy!”

This book is collection of sayings for each day of the year that imparts messages and values – the do’s and don’ts – to further yourself, your uniqueness and the overall image you need to project to the world. The purpose may be commercial – to make money – or it could be just to make yourself known, to achieve your personal goals, and in that process, help others as well in achieving theirs.

The book’s back cover describes Scott Ginsberg as someone who made a career for himself by wearing a nametag every day (he blames this on his parents).He is the creator of He writes a lot, having become an award-winning blogger and author of thirteen books. He likes to talk in public too, and is described as a professional speaker as well.

More than a career, the idea and practice of wearing a nametag daily have prompted Scott to create a whole business out of it. On, Scott writes that he is publisher of “thousands” of articles online and in print publications. Wow, thousands.

From all this about him, I would award him an A+ for creativity and entrepreneurial ability. He has a good way with words, too. For example, he advises us to “appeal to the ‘heard’ mentality,” “make your mission more than a statement,” and “choose being real over being right.”

From my perspective, in business (and some social) events, when you’re not wearing a nametag, you’re conveying the message “I am not interested in you approaching me.”

And I have been to hundreds of events over the years in the course of business (and pleasure).

This is the message Scott conveys strongly: wear your nametag! He emphasizes his message by displaying in bold words on the book’s back cover: If they can’t come up to you, they’ll never get behind you.”

Through the course of his small, handy yet thick book, Scott urges you to be authentic, unique, interesting and lively (“boring is bankruptcy,” he writes), show your emotions and humanity (“ante up your emotional temperature”), be a genuine friend, be useful to others (“value-adding machine”), and think more about others than yourself.

The book has hundreds of bits of advice on how to become a better person. That essentially means “it’s not about you.” Is this then a book like Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”? No. This book is based on the unique experiences of Scott Ginsberg and it is not just about human relations but also about developing or enhancing your business through learning and practicing better people skills.

My view is that without people (buyers and sellers) no business can happen. So if you want to become a better business person, you need to first of all to become a better person – a better human being, and more humane. This book will help bring forward your uniqueness, your humanity, and all your inherent good qualities to become more successful and satisfied in all aspects of your life.

Scott Ginsberg is a man of a unique combination of talents, knowledge, experiences and insight who has used all of those assets and resources to write this wonderful book. Your life can become much richer when you acquire and read this book and follow his advice. So wait no more and just improve yourself with this highly useful and usable book.