Dr. Parveen Chopra

Dr. Parveen Chopra was recently honored with the Presidential Philanthropy Award by the Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration Committee at its thirtieth awards ceremony held at the Marriott Hotel in Uniondale, New York.

Dr. Chopra was bestowed this award for his significant philanthropic contributions to the Martin Luther King Scholarships which are awarded to high school students of merit and need who aim to attend college.

The Rev. Dr. Reginald Tuggle said in his introduction: “Dr. Chopra has led a life of community service and because of his heart – he looks to help those that are less fortunate. He is a wonderful role model to the next generation and our community.”

Julius Pearce, President of the Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration Community said, “Dr. Chopra is a generous man who was worked hard his entire life. When he served as Chairperson of Finance of this organization he was honest, trustworthy and he lead with integrity. He is my friend and it’s our privilege to bestow the Presidential Philanthropy Award for his major financial contributions and for the uplifting of individuals in need.”

Dr. Parveen Chopra has been honored with the Congressional Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the New York State Bar Association’s Haywood Burns Memorial Award, and the Nassau County Bar Association’s Liberty Bell Award. He has served with distinction in political life for over 25 years.