Joel Paglione

Joel Paglione

By Brooke Daily

One of the most innovative drinkware products to hit the market is the LevitatingCUP. Serving as the FIRST wireless cup that uses electromagnetic suspension to defy gravity: in the simplest terms….it FLOATS IN THE AIR!

The LevitatingCUP will be entering homes and commercial bars and restaurants everywhere

With the launch of their Kickstarter campaign this July, the first wireless LevitatingCUP will be entering homes and commercial bars everywhere.

The LevitatingCUP is a sophisticated drinkware system that defies gravity with no strings attached. It consists of two parts, a cup and a base, that use advanced electromagnetic suspension technology to keep one’s spirits lifted.

Backers of the Kickstarter project will be able to pair a wired or wireless levitating system of their choice with any of the glassware styles or other add-ons that are unlocked throughout the campaign.

Potential add-ons include different colored bases as well as more glassware and display choices, including the LevitatingPLATE and LevitatingPILLOW.

The LevitatingCUP was created by Joel Paglione, veteran inventor of the Oak Bottle, the world’s first small scale barrel aging device. Inspired by those who love cocktails, mixology, molecular gastronomy, and experiential dining, he has now created an experience that takes the time-honored tradition of cocktail hour to a whole new level.

On Joel Paglione’s LinkedIn profile you will find this about him:

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and now based in Chicago, Joel attended the University of Windsor, graduating with a Bachelor of Science honors degree in Industrial Engineering.

He went on to graduate with a Masters of Business Administration from the Odette School of Business. He has developed these products: the Magnetie Reversible Necktie, the Oak Bottle, Blunt Neck Clothing Company and Secure SALT.

Joel’s other accomplishments include his work in the Defense division of a Fortune 500 international truck and engine manufacturer where he managed the operations of multiple military and defense programs such as the manufacturing of armored vehicles for the United States’ military and other NATO allies. Many of those programs are supporting the safety of ground troops for the Afghan and Iraq War.

His company developed the world’s most survivable Mine Resistant Armored Protected or MRAP vehicle with their proprietary V-shaped hull that deflects the energy of the improvised explosive device or IED underneath the vehicle. Since 2007, close to 10,000 of his company’s MRAPs have been fleeted, protecting soldiers from this and rocket-propelled grenades or RPG strikes in Afghanistan, Iraq and other conflict areas across the world.

With the U.S. mandate to withdraw troops reducing MRAP demands, Joel then focused his time in the Commercial Division, where he managed the company’s new product launch and development projects as they related to the company’s overall manufacturing strategies and quality improvement initiatives. He strives for continued improvement in world-class manufacturing processes.

He most recently has been brought on by Sears Holdings Company to help Sears and Kmart with its turnaround by reevaluating their business processes and financial strategies. His passion and experience in solving real world problems, whether big or small, is rooted in who he is and what he believes in.

View some videos of the LevitatingCUP