Pop Star Ananya Birla

Pop Star Ananya Birla

By James Weir and Natalia Barclay

With nearly seven million YouTube views of her new gold certified single Meant to Be and DJ Afrojack remix with 14 million views international pop star Ananya Birla is building a female-led empire and has emerged as a leading agent of social change and women’s rights in India and the world.

In addition to selling millions of records and gracing international magazine covers, Ananya is a thriving entrepreneur who creates companies based upon giving power and support to women from her home country of India and around the world.

Now she is here in America to conquer the States with her addictive new single, and we would love to share her remarkable journey, music and message with you.

After releasing her debut international single Livin’ the Life, co-written by highly sought-after music producer Jim Beanz and later remixed by popular Dutch DJ Afrojack, the singer-song writer recently released her newest single Meant to Be. 

Birla’s latest dance track is shaping up to be another mega hit for the fast-rising pop sensation already becoming certified gold and her sensational music video generating almost seven million views on YouTube in a mere two months.

Ananya has always had a penchant for doing things differently, and as she taught herself to play the guitar using internet video tutorials, she created a love affair with music that only grew as time passed.

Before realizing her true talent and passion for music, Ananya had already cut out a spot for herself among the elite in the business world.  While most teenagers at the age of 17 are getting ready to graduate high school and find their path in life, Ananya was creating her first start-up, Svatantra Microfinance.

With a strong vision for helping the poor become economically self-sustainable, Ananya created the microfinance organization to support women entrepreneurs in the Indian rural areas to further grow their business.

As of April 2016, the company had grown to more than 600 employees across 70 branches in four Indian states, and won the Gold Award for Best Start-Up.  A woman with no limits, Ananya’s second business, CuroCarte, curates rare, high quality, handicrafts designed for the 21st century luxe society from across the globe and makes them accessible through an e-commerce platform.

A true inspiration for young people everywhere, Ananya hasn’t wasted any time realizing what she wants in life. Cultivating what she has learned from her years of schooling at Oxford University and her acute awareness of the inequalities that plague us every day, Anaya hopes to create a positive global change in the world one project at a time.

Ananya’s  Meant to Be music video can be seen here:

See Ananya’s Afrojak remix video for Livin’ The Life here: