Pyar Mein Kyun, a production of RKNet Studios and Aary Films, will have its premiere on September 25th in New York City at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) Theater (also known as Silas Theater) at 333 West 23rd street in New York City. This U.S.-produced movie has a potential global audience of 700 million viewers.

Guests, media and VIP celebrities will be pampered on a red carpet as photographers snap away photos and a live television shoot of interviews takes place, according to a news release.

Select Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities will conduct interviews at the red carpet event. with guests on their recount of the experience The guests will enter the SVA Theater for a lavish reception followed by the premiere screening of the movie.

Created by award-winning film maker Hyder Bilgrami, the movie is a classy romantic thriller with twists and turns that provide drama, entertainment, mystique and a thrilling experience.

Hollywood movies take the age-old story of love between a man and a woman in the most intriguing ways; the story in this movie is as authentic as they come, the producers indicate.

It is the story of second-generation South Asian love, romance, feminine mystique, and heart- wrenching drama between an older man and a 19 year old girl in the globally-connected, socially- networked generation.

The cast of this movie includes actors Obaid Kadwani and Khatera Hakimi, with Sonny Chatrath, Deena Safi, and Michael Dean in supporting roles. The producers promise that – based on market research talk from Facebook ‘likes’ and YouTube ‘views’ –   “this movie has all that it takes to entertain and captivate its audience in vast numbers.”

RKNet Studios plans to use the Internet, social media marketing, and digital distribution to fully realize the potential of this movie. On-going promotions will target over 100 million impressions globally within the next six months, the company projects.

The movies of RKNet Studios and Aary Films are typically aimed at younger audiences worldwide that are looking for realism and spice from Bollywood. Its films are “produced in Hollywood style with Bollywood sensibilities right here in New York and New Jersey using local resources and talent.”

The producers will donate a portion of the net proceeds of Pyar Mein Kyun to the charity project A Slice of Hope which raises joy and hope in America’s homeless shelters. This project was started by Obaid Kadwani, one of the stars in this movie. For further information go to:

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