Speaker Paul Ryan

Speaker Paul Ryan

Below is the full text of his invitation:

“Today, I invited Prime Minister Modi of India to address a joint meeting of Congress when he visits Washington this summer.

 “India is the most populous democracy, and soon it is going to be the most populous country. The friendship between our nations is a pillar of stability in a very, very important region. This address presents a special opportunity for us to deepen our ties with our ally India.

 “It is a chance to hear from the Prime Minister on how we can work together to promote our shared values and to increase prosperity. I want to thank Chairman Royce and Congressman Holding for their leadership and for their commitment to this relationship with India.

 “This will be the first joint meeting of this speakership. We certainly look forward to welcoming Prime Minister Modi in the United States Capitol this summer.”


Click on link to the video of Speaker Paul Ryan inviting Prime Minister Narendra Modi: