Gautam Jain

By Ritika Jain – Vedanta Cultural Foundation USA

The ancient Eastern philosophy of Vedanta consists of universal truths governing human principles for stress reduction, productivity and purposeful living.

Swami Parthasarathy is a world-renowned exponent of Vedanta who has been featured in the following publications:


Business Week:

New Yorker:

For his work on the subject and its practical application in modern life, go to this site to learn more:

His senior disciple is Gautam Jain who earlier in life completed a brilliant academic career in the United States, received numerous collegiate awards, including Scholar Athlete of the Year.

Jain was also listed in the Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. He declined lucrative corporate offers to return to India to study Vedanta full time for ten years. He returned to the United States eight years ago and runs the Vedanta Cultural Foundation from New Jersey.

Gautam Jain holds weekly lectures in various locations in New Jersey, where his audience includes people from all walks of life, including bankers, business people, doctors and  others. The participants are people of all levels of educational attainment from  high school students to holders of post-graduate and professional degrees.

He also conducts periodic corporate seminars, His most recent seminar was at the Novartis headquarters in East Hanover, New Jersey

The public television station PBS had earlier done a piece on Gautam Jain and his lectures in New Jersey. You can watch that on this UTube video:

Gautam Jain’s profile is on The profile page also includes video clips of his presentations.

His weekly lecture schedule in NJ is on