The topics for the first Presidential Debate, scheduled for October 3, have been released.

Here are the topics broken down by time allotted of the 90 minute debate:

Economy – 45 minutes
Health Care – 15 minutes
Role of Government – 15 minutes
Governing – 15 minutes

The first three of the October 3 debate’s six segments will focus on the economy, moderator Jim Lehrer said in a statement provided by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

The other three segments will focus on health care, the role of government, and governing, according to the release.

Each segment is to be a 15 minute portion of the 90 minute program.

The statement also acknowledged that the topics could change “because of news developments.”

The “topics could change” but, given this debate is focused on domestic issues, I highly doubt they will. Domestically there will be few changes in the next 13 days to force a drastic alteration of this list and the campaigns wouldn’t appreciate it anyway.