By: Barbara Goodstein, Chief Marketing Officer at Vonage

How do you stay in touch when you’re hundreds – or even thousands – of miles away from your family?

Vonage was built on a fundamental belief that technology should enhance people’s lives through improved capabilities and with a better user experience at lower costs.

From the start, we developed flexible, easy-to-use, affordable services to empower people to connect with friends, family and business associates anywhere in the world – through the good times, and the bad – whenever, wherever and in whatever manner they choose. And we’ve continued to evolve our service with that belief in mind.

Recently, we gave customers the ability to both receive calls to their home number and make outbound calls using their low international home calling rates on their smart phones with our Extensions App.

We’ve heard from many customers how Extensions has made the distance between them and their friends and family back home shorter.

Parijat Ghatak - Vonage Customer

In fact, one customer from New Jersey – Parijat Ghatak – recently told us that with Extensions, she was able to call her loved ones back in India during her cancer treatments.  She said that the words of encouragement and long phone calls helped her to stay positive.

This was especially important to her during her three-hour chemotherapy sessions. Even though she was separated physically from her family, she was able to feel connected during her time of need.

It is very gratifying to know that we can have a positive impact on our customers’ lives.

Our goal is to provide our customers – of all ages and walks of life – with low-cost options to speak with their friends and family, whenever and however it is most convenient. Stories like the one we have shared here tell us we’re moving in the right direction.