This was posted by Bayani Lahi on September 13, 2018

MANILA, Sept. 13, 2018 – In the presence of the many delegates and the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines, President Duterte expressed his admiration for the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. He event went as far as proposing to make the Philippines a province of China. His words clearly show the reason for his complacency on the issue of the West Philippine Sea.

Translation of Pres. Duterte’s remarks from Pilipino into English by Nathan Sese, LLB:

“I have a lot of respect for Xi Jin Pin.  They assured us they will not build anything on their side of the Scarborough shoal. Believe me because that is China’s commitment to me.  It comes from Xi Jin Pin himself and he is a man of honor.  That’s why I said “why are you so sparing?”  If you want, just make us, the Philippines, a  province of China, then we won’t have a problem, everything will be free.”

It appears he said it in jest…