Let Freedom Ring Airing TV Ads About Disappointment With Obama’s Performance

PHILADELPHIA, PA —A national polling company found the ads  from a recent campaign spearheaded by Let Freedom Ring to be extremely effective, dramatically lowering President Obama’s approval rating and electoral standing.

The researcher, GEB International, performed a series of surveys of 400 likely voters in each of three markets:  Johnstown, Pa., Pittsburgh, Pa., and Youngstown, Ohio, in an effort to test if messages run jointly by Let Freedom Ring and Independent Women’s Voice were able to impact President Obama’s favorability and approval ratings. Click here to review the survey.

While the ads were running, the surveys showed a decrease in Obama’s job approval ratings, by 8 percent in Johnstown and by 6 percent in Youngtown. In Pittsburgh, where the ads were not broadcast, Obama’s approval rating increased 6 percent in the second survey.

Additionally, in both markets where ads were running, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s vote went up and

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Obama’s vote went down in the ballot test. In Johnstown, results showed a net swing of 11% in Romney’s favor and in Youngstown, a net of 10%.

The pollster report concluded that, “The survey data clearly shows that despite a relatively small media buy over a short period of time, the ads overwhelming penetrated the two media markets and the messaging worked. On every key indicator the ads brought Obama’s favorables down and unfavorables up. …”

“This President came into office with Americans enthused and excited about the promises that he made,” said Colin Hanna, president of Let Freedom Ring, “But now that those promises have been broken and the economy is failing, people are disillusioned and disappointed. We want real change to happen in our country in 2012, so our upcoming television ads will show that disappointment in a real way.”

GEB International has professionally conducted survey research for more than a decade at the national level for the purpose of testing messaging and moving numbers.

Let Freedom Ring is a non-profit, nonpartisan public policy membership organization, with a three-pronged mission: to promote constitutional government, economic freedom and traditional values. The organization was formed to counter the attacks of anti-conservative groups on patriotic candidates as well as attacks on the important issues of our day, including family, marriage, the economy, energy, abortion, health care and foreign policy, to name a few. Let Freedom Ring also works to keep constituents and the media informed about what our founding fathers’ intentions were and how history shapes laws and our culture today.

View the survey results from Let Freedom Ring here: Obama vs Romney – ballot test