Milton Paris

Milton Paris

By Milton Paris

Want a fresh start in 2015? Let go of negative baggage. You probably have so much baggage you would pay a fortune in airline fees. Let go of the hurts and pains of the past, and you’ll have a brighter future in 2015.

  • Do you harp on the past? Are past disappointments—like when you did not get a raise or did not get an expected promotion—still nagging you?
  • Do you frequently focus on what you perceive to be personal failures, like thinking you did not spend enough time with your family, or you did not save enough money?
  • Do you question your work ethic or attitude, focusing on inadequacies like a failure to make more sales appointments?
  • Do you complain to business associates regularly?

Stop looking in the rear window and focus on the large window in front of you. Planning for a better future requires you to stop dwelling on the negatives. Keep in mind, it is not the way you begin a project but how you end it that matters. Don’t beat yourself up if the start of your project was a bumpy road.

Get on that smooth, clear road now by focusing on positives, seeking out a mentor, and setting up achievable goals. Your success is possible despite any failures you might have suffered in the past!

I know of someone who was very successful and ran a multi-million dollar manufacturing business before the last recession hit us. After the economic collapse, his business went south and all he did was complain to his family and business associates. Everyone was tired of hearing it and advised him to let go of the past.

A friend of his suggested that he meet with me and engage my 40 years of business development expertise to rebuild his future. At our first meeting I emphasized that he had to leave his baggage behind, and he must have a positive attitude to bring positive results. I told him when thinking of the past, he should only think about the positive things he had accomplished.

Since our collaboration, he has relocated and rebuilt his business. We set up achievable goals, and I feel strongly that by the end of 2015 he will be back to where he was prior to the recession. I love helping businesses clear away the negative baggage and setting them on the road to success!

You cannot change events from the past, but you can change how you think to create a brighter future. For 2015 your main goal should be to move forward without your baggage.

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