Franchise Offers Low-Investment, Low-Cost Opportunity

By Steve Zwerling, Franchise Development Director

1964 was a year of revolutionary change in America. The Beatles came to the United States in that year and changed American music forever. It was a year defined by cultural shockwaves. Major milestones were reached in science and medicine in 1964. Among the notable ones were:

  • IBM announced release of its System 360, the first computer with a 32-bit architecture
  • The first heart transplantation on a human (with a chimpanzee heart) was performed
  • The Smithsonian opened its Museum of History and Technology in Washington D.C.
  • Ranger 7 sent back first close-up photos of the moon, 1000+ clearer than a telescope
  • The first surface photos from the planet Mars were transmitted to Earth

The year 1964 was also very significant for Blimpie as the first Blimpie® sub shop opened their first location in Hoboken, New Jersey in that memorable year.

A lot has changed in the fifty years since the founders of the Blimpie brand redefined the American sandwich with their blimp-sized Italian sub with a salad on top that created an unforgettable mouth-watering sensation. What hasn’t changed is the brand’s key strength: the unwavering commitment of Blimpie owners to serve the best tasting sandwiches made with fresh bread, meats and cheeses.

Today, in 2014, Blimpie is recognized as one of the most iconic quick-service restaurant franchises in the world and has grown to more than 500 locations in the U.S. and beyond.

Here are a few reasons why Blimpie is a wise investment for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a recognizable brand:

● The Blimpie brand has evolved to serve modern customers – The innovative leadership team has stayed ahead of the curve and has created new store designs, menu items, and interactive apps that appeal to millennial generation.

● Blimpie is supported by Kahala Brands, one of the fastest-growing food franchise companies in the world. Kahala Brands provides each Blimpie franchisee with support and guidance based on lessons learned from 30+ years of experience growing dozens of food franchise brands.

● The Blimpie brand offers flexible, low-cost franchise opportunities. In addition to offering low investment costs, the Kahala Brands team is willing to help each Blimpie owner tweak store designs to fit a promising, high volume location, whether that is located in a traditional location, a hospital, an airport, or other place. New owners also have opportunities to co-brand with any of the other 14 Kahala Brands concepts.

Those interested to buy a Blimpie franchise store or just get more information may call Steve Zwerling at: 480-747-4352 or email him at: [email protected] to get started.