Milton Paris

Milton Paris

By Milton Paris

There are two types of salespeople, those who talk and those who take action. Which hat are you wearing right now? Now is a great time to take a second look at your New Year’s resolutions. Areyou taking action toward achieving those goals or were your resolutions just talk? It’s still early enough in the year to make a positive turnaround toward action.

To get a better sense of the difference between the two types of salespeople, I want to introduce you to Susan and Ted. Susan is the take-action salesperson, and Ted is the all-talk salesperson. Let’s eavesdrop on a business conversation between the two of them.

“I put in a full day selling my product. During the day I make every minute count, not wasting any time. I take quick lunches, and my goal is to produce every day,” Susan says.

“I don’t put myself under any pressure or worry if I spend the whole day trying to sell my service. I take time having lunch with other salespeople. We never discuss business, only sports,” Ted says.

“I have to plan my week in advance.” Susan jots a note down in her calendar.

“I don’t make plans. When I wake up in the morning I decide where I will go that day.” Ted scans the sports pages of the newspaper.

“I read 2-3 self-improvement books a month.” Susan deposits her day-planner in her bag and removes a well-read paperback.

“I don’t have time to read those kinds of books. I read the sport section of the 3 big newspapers.”Ted moans at his team’s scores.

“I set my goals at the beginning of the year with a plan to achieve them. If you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail.” Susan beams with pride.


“I have one goal—how to make money—with no plan in mind.” Ted smirks.

“I always have a positive attitude in my business and personal life. Even when I have roadblocks.  When I have negative thoughts I have negative results,” Susan says.

“I am basically a negative thinker blaming everyone else for my shortcomings,” Ted confesses.

“When I work with potential buyers,” Susan says, “I am always honest with them when discussing how my product can increase their sales.”

“I will do anything to try and sell my product to a potential customer,” Ted says, “even lie to them.”

“When I network I always collect business cards and follow-up within 24 hours to a potential customer,” Susan says.

“Networking is a waste of time,” Ted says. “I would rather be on the phone calling clients.”

Which hat are you wearing right now? Are you a positive, proactive salesperson like Susan? Or are you just waiting for something to happen and not making anything happen like Ted?

If you set goals at the beginning of 2015 for the New Year, now is the time to check back in and make sure your goals weren’t just talk. Now’s the time to take off the all-talk hat and switch to the take-action hat this year.


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