Mike Larsen - Weiss Research

Mike Larsen - Weiss Research

By Mike Larsen – Weiss Research

In a just- released U.S. Treasury report, our leaders have slammed China claiming that “The available evidence suggests the [yuan] remains significantly undervalued and we believe further appreciation of [it] against the dollar and other major currencies is warranted.”

Translation: The U.S. wants to the dollar to FALL in value against the yuan.

Naturally, Washington can’t come out and publicly say that. So they do the next best thing, in their eyes — they make it political and blame China for all our problems.

Racking up mountains of debt, trying to inflate itself out of its debt obligations

Sure, China engages in some unfair trade practices. But so does the U.S. Meanwhile, the U.S. keeps racking up mountains of debt, incurred by our leaders’ inability to spend within our country’s means.

And then, to top it all off, knowing full well that it can never make good on all the money to owed foreign creditors and the promises made to U.S. citizens …

Washington shifts the blame to China, when in reality, what Washington wants is …

  • A devalued dollar
  • The inflation a devalued dollar will cause
  • So it can inflate away its debt and obligations.

Thing is, YOU are the guinea pig in all of this. Your wealth is at risk. The purchasing power of our money is being sacrificed.