By Indian Express

Mumbai, January 8, 2012 – Mention the word Ultrasound and one associates it with applications in medicine sonography, echocardiography, brain, heart and stomach exams. One imagines experts in lab coats administrating tests on big, expensive machines in big hospitals.

Scientists now have developed the world”s first toothbrush which uses only ultrasound waves to clean teeth – Emmi-dent, which is now available in India – meaning there is no abrasive brushing; No Rubbing! No scrubbing!

EMAG Germany has managed to harness the power of Ultrasound to develop cutting edge ultrasonic devices that can be used safely at home for superior oral hygiene. This has been achieved via specially designed brush heads embedded with a microchip.

The development of the world”s first and only ultrasonic toothbrush device, Emmi-dent, to clean your teeth and mouth with ultrasound represents a revolution in the field of dental hygiene and prophylaxis (prevention of disease) treatment.

While manual toothbrushes have long been replaced by electric versions boasting super-fast vibrations and expensive whitening heads, the technology remains the same – abrasive particles in toothpaste rubbed against the teeth to remove plaque.

The new Emmi-dent toothbrush makes up to 96 million sound waves per minute and uses only these waves to clean the teeth and up to 12mm beneath the surface.

It combines with special Nano-bubble toothpaste which comes with it to create millions of tiny bubbles which are small enough to get between the teeth and into the gums, where they implode, killing bacteria and dislodging tartar and food debris. You don’t have to use a conventional brushing motion.

The technology also destroys any bacteria left on the brush head. In a world where multi-tasking is a way of life, the developers have created a multi-tasking toothbrush which provides a complete solution to all your daily oral care needs.

“I have always associated ultrasound with wind one of the five great elements of our COSMOS that created and sustains us – Earth, Skies, Fire, Water and Wind. This is the power of wind delivered into your hands for cleaning, healing and prevention of all Dental Problems while building Great Oral Health every day” says Dipak R Desai, Emmi India.